Company Profile

Mars Energy is partner with Mars Energy International Holland. Our company is especially established to convey its know-how to Turkey from Europe. We completely focused on renewable energy, wind and solar energy notably.

Our company offers turnkey solutions to its customers in Turkey. Customers can be offered various solutions for wind turbines.Mars Energy pursuits all this works with specialists in their field and strong CRM system. Moreover, we lead a lot of innovations , workshops, and training for development of the sector.

Mars Energy provide different services in this area to public enterprises, and companies untill now.

Mission & Vision

After the production before allowing the use of green energy in the home, expanding our countries to reduce carbon emissions

Provide employment by setting up manufacturing facilities in 7 different countries in our region to contribute to the country's economy by creating new technologies

Our Management Network


Our Project and Consulting offices operates in Europe and the Middle East locations.


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